Teen mom and son find true home at Daybreak

Sabryna was kind enough to share her Daybreak experience at our Champions for Youth breakfast and luncheon fundraisers. She opened by telling our guests what comes to mind when she thinks of the word "home."

Sabryna thinks home should be more than the place where a person lives.To Sabryna, home should be a place where she feels safe and is surrounded by people who support her. Where she feels whole and can be the best version of herself. "From a young age," Sabryna told us, "I thought my vision of home was a fantasy I'd never experience."

The unsafe, volatile environment in Sabryna’s home led to her depression at age 14. To deal with her pain, she started cutting herself and using drugs. She isolated herself. At 18, when her depression was at its worst, Sabryna’s parents decided their daughter shouldn’t live in their home any longer.

“Thankfully,” Sabryna says, “my parents brought me to Daybreak.”

Soon after arriving at Daybreak’s shelter, Sabryna learned she was pregnant. Wanting a home for her baby, Sabryna decided to go live with the father. She soon realized that living with him wasn’t going to work. Sabryna’s next move was to Missouri, where she planned to live with her sister while raising her child.

Her son was only five months old when Sabryna decided Missouri wasn’t a good choice either. She headed back to Dayton, baby in tow, with the idea of returning to Daybreak. Unfortunately, Daybreak’s shelter wasn’t an option for Sabryna now that she had a child. She and her son stayed in the women’s shelter at St. Vincent’s until our housing program had an opening.

When she finally moved into one of our apartments, Sabryna discovered that Daybreak is more than just a place to live. Daybreak staff taught her the time-management and life skills she’d need to manage her household. They helped her find childcare and then a job.

Most important of all, Daybreak staff provided the emotional support Sabryna had longed for since she was a little girl.

Sabryna is proud that she’s made a home for herself and her son.  She’s in school and on track to graduate as a licensed massage therapist. Meanwhile, her part-time job at Lindy’s Bakery helps pay the bills and gives her the flexibility to do her clinicals and be good mom.

Your support helped Sabryna get where she is today. On behalf of Sabryna, thank you. We know you’ll join us in saying, “Congratulations, Sabryna!”