About Daybreak

Daybreak was established in 1975 in Dayton, Ohio as an emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth. Today, Daybreak operates the Miami Valley’s only 24-hour crisis hotline and emergency youth shelter and has grown to include outreach, prevention, transitional housing, life-skills education, and other follow-up services for runaway, throwaway, and homeless youth. Daybreak is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Vision

A promising future for all youth.

Our Mission

To provide Miami Valley homeless and vulnerable youth with services that promote safety, stability, and well-being.

What We Do

Daybreak has four core programs serving youth and young adults in crisis in the Dayton region:

  • Daybreak operates the region’s only emergency shelter, open 24/7, for youth ages 10 to 21. Daybreak provides shelter, food, clothing, counseling, safety, and stability to more than 200 youth each year.
  1. Daybreak’s housing program is the region’s only program designed to move homeless youth ages 18 to 24 out of homelessness, poverty, under-education, and crisis and into housing, financial independence, educational achievement, and self-sufficiency.
  • Daybreak’s street outreach program makes contact with youth who are couch-hopping or living on street and looking for help. Daybreak will provide these youth with basic necessities while helping them find a safe place to live.
  • Daybreak's employment program helps Daybreak youth develop the skills necessary to get and keep jobs. Work-readiness training is provided at Lindy & Company, Daybreak's gourmet dog treat bakery. In addition, youth receive job assessment and job placement services.