Daybreak was established in 1975 in Dayton, Ohio as an emergency shelter for homeless and vulnerable youth. Today, Daybreak operates the Miami Valley’s only 24-hour crisis hotline and emergency youth shelter and has grown to include outreach, prevention, transitional housing, life-skills education, and other follow-up services for homeless, runaway, and vulnerable youth. Daybreak is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Mission

To provide Miami Valley homeless and vulnerable youth with services that promote safety, stability, and well-being.

Our Vision

A promising future for all youth.

What We Do

Daybreak has seven core programs serving youth and young adults in crisis in the Dayton region:

  • Daybreak’s emergency shelter is open 24/7 and provides shelter, food, clothing, counseling, safety, and stability to youth ages 10 to 21. Shelter staff also answer our 24/7 crisis hotline.

  • Daybreak’s housing program is the region’s only program designed to move homeless youth ages 18 to 24 out of homelessness, poverty, under-education, and crisis and into housing, financial independence, educational achievement, and self-sufficiency.

  • Daybreak’s drop-in center is a resource for youth who are couch-hopping, in danger of losing housing, staying in an adult shelter, or living on the street. Daybreak provides these youth with daily necessities while helping them find a safe place to live.

  • Daybreak’s employment program helps Daybreak youth develop the skills necessary to get and keep jobs. Lindy’s is Daybreak’s job-readiness program that provides Daybreak youth with the opportunity to gain valuable job training experience in a supportive environment. In addition, youth receive job assessment and job placement services.

  • Daybreak’s licensed therapists provide Daybreak youth with individual, family, and group mental health services.

  • Daybreak’s OZ Works program prepares youth for long-term self-sufficiency in the larger community outside of Daybreak and focuses on creating positive youth connections.

  • David’s Place is Daybreak’s drop-in center for LGBTQ+ youth. David’s Place provides a safe and inclusive environment, LGBTQ+ resources and support, and entry into all other Daybreak services.

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