Lindy’s Bakery is Daybreak’s dog treat bakery and social enterprise. It provides employment-readiness and job training to homeless youth who want to build their path to sustainable employment.

While working at Lindy’s, youth develop the hard skills of production from baking to shipping. More importantly, in Lindy’s supportive environment youth develop essential soft skills such as such teamwork, leadership, time management, conflict resolution, and creative thinking.

Our first Lindy’s Bakery opened for business and began selling its own Lindy’s dog treats in 2012. Fifteen homeless youth participated in the Lindy’s Bakery program that year.

In 2016, Lindy’s Bakery relocated into a much larger space and began to offer private label baking services to outside companies wanting to sell their own line of treats.

In July 2019, Lindy’s Bakery formed a partnership with a large national pet treat company. We’re now on target to supply them with 300,000 pounds of custom dog treats in 2020.

While this is great news for Lindy’s Bakery, it’s even better news for our youth. Now we’ll be able to provide paid work-training experience at Lindy’s Bakery for at least 75 homeless youth each year.

Youth are paid minimum wage or higher with an opportunity for promotions; work an average of 20 hours per week for six months; and participate in other Daybreak employment and educational services designed to help them develop career goals and plans to meet those goals.

(Note: Lindy’s Bakery online store is closed. Local customers can still purchase Lindy’s Bakery treats at Dorothy Lane Market’s three Dayton-area locations.)