My life
My fear
My pain
My tears
My friends come
When rough times come around
They always do appear

Never…will you get that
Chance to put me down
Never…will you have another chance to make me frown
For I have become
A person with inspiration
That works hard under the presure
As long as I believe in me
I will continue to conquer
All rough trials that may come
Because in my eyes
I am number one
You will never
Get another turn to make me cry
You will never
Get a second chance to take my pride
For my best friend, Jesus
He’s always by my side
Many may try to break me down
But I will never go back
To that lifestyle
Because I am a leader
And not a followr
For choosing the wrong decision
Will never by my downfall
I will continue to walk
With my head held high
And my pride
Reaching the sky
I will become one of many
To graduate from
Independent Living

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