Am I deranged, in my mind i’m stuck
lookin 4 change, & not the kind in a cup
not the kind in a fountain, & I have no fear
it’s like i’m climbing this mountain, & have no gear
it’s like i’m back at church, with all these confessions
& man it really hurts, so much depression
followed by agression, Nothin but hate
Was a hard lesson, that i must vacate

So many Troubles, most i can’t name
& the stress only doubles, blook burst in her brain
things will never be the same, something i must accept
Still lookin 4 change, something i expect
This world is so evil, but still i smile
And conversate with people, numbers i dial
Tryin 2 reach out, so please lend a hand
it’s like each cloud, just can’t understand
Then comes the rain, next comes the lightning
Sick of the pain, done with the Fighting
i’m goin insane, must rearrange
More of the same, But i only want change

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