If you shop at Dorothy Lane Market’s Oakwood store, you might spot Megan behind the bakery counter one day. Megan a resident in Daybreak’s housing program, has been a DLM associate since the fall of 2013.

Soon after Megan came to Daybreak, she started in our employment program in order to learn what it takes to get and keep a job.

In our employment classroom, Daybreak staff teach valuable work-related skills such as how to find job opportunities, communicate with others on the job, and remain calm in stressful situations.

After completing the required employement classes, Megan started work at Lindy & Company—Daybreak’s gourmet pet treat bakery and on-site work-readiness program.

Her time at Lindy’s make Megan truly understand that it’s essential to show up on tmie. “I wasn’t so great at first,” Megan admits, “but, with help from the staff, I learned that being punctual is a must. They also helped me learn how to be responsible and act appropriately.”

In addition, Megan discovered that she loves working in a backery. She enjoys following recipies and seeing the end products. When she came across the ad for the DLM position, she applied immediately.

Daybreak staff helped Megan complete the job application and prepare for the interviews. Needless to say, Megan’s classroom training, work experience at Lindy’s, and interview preparation paid off. You can just imagine how excited she was when DLM called to tell her the job was hers.

Someday Megan hopes to make the baked goods, not just sell them. and she thinks about going to culinary schoo.

For now, Megan’s happy assisting customers in DLM’s bakery. If you’re one of those customers, be sure to say “hi” to Megan when you see her.

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