Mike and Terry Bevis

True advocates for Daybreak youth, today and in the future.

“Daybreak is a gem of the Gem City,” said Daybreak donor and supporter Terry Bevis.

While we agree with that statement, it is our donors, like Mike and Terry Bevis, who are the gems of Daybreak.

15 Years and Counting.

Mike and Terry have been involved with Daybreak for fifteen years as donors and for twelve years as table captains at our annual fundraising event, Champions for Youth.

“I like the opportunity to ask someone who doesn’t know a lot about Daybreak to come with me to the CFY breakfast. I ask them to just listen and learn. I tell them you’re not required to give a donation, but they will pass out envelopes at the end. After the event not many people will take a donation envelope and not fill it out. That’s the fun part,” said Mike.

Champions for Youth was how Mike initially heard about Daybreak. “One year a friend invited me to a Champions for Youth breakfast. After I spoke with some of the staff at the breakfast they asked me to be a table captain the following year.” That was twelve years ago.

During his first breakfast Mike recalled being moved by a story from a former Daybreak youth who had become homeless after being kicked out by his adoptive father. “So you heard this story (video) about this young man and how his life was spiraling down. Then the lights came on and there was a young man on stage in an Army uniform saying, ‘That was me five years ago and this is me today through Daybreak.’ It really hit home. I share that story with people when I invite them to the next breakfast.”

Mike, who spent three years in the Navy, said the youth’s story reminded him of some of the young men with whom he served, “I had about 100 people working for me on the ship. A lot of them were young men who came from broken homes. There were some who were given a choice by a judge that they could go to jail or join the military.”

Empathy is a good investment.

Not only are Mike and Terry currently giving to Daybreak, but they plan to support Daybreak well into the future through an estate gift as members of Daybreak’s new Legacy Circle.

“We would like for our community to be better than it is today and talked about how we want to  invest our money for the future to help the community. Daybreak is an example of an excellent investment. I’ve been onsite as well as advocating in the community and I’ve seen the difference Daybreak makes,” said Mike.

Terry described how empathy played a role in their decision, “We try to put ourselves in the children’s place. We were lucky enough to have wonderful families and supportive parents. To see someone who doesn’t have that opportunity makes me wish for them that they could have that.”

“I’m sure there are communities across the country who could be doing what Daybreak does but aren’t. They don’t have anything to address the issue of youth homelessness,” said Terry, “So the fact that we have Daybreak is such a blessing.”

If you would like to become a table captain or would like to learn more about the Champions for Youth event, please contact Travis Rindler at 937-395-4600 ext. 805 (RindlerT@DaybreakDayton.org). If you would like to learn more about planned giving or becoming a Legacy Circle member, please contact Joan Schiml at 937-395-4600 ext. 114 SchimlJ@DaybreakDayton.org).