Youth Poems


Written by Jordan

Am I deranged, in my mind i'm stuck
lookin 4 change, & not the kind in a cup
not the kind in a fountain, & I have no fear
it's like i'm climbing this mountain, & have no gear
it's like i'm back at church, with all these confessions
& man it really hurts, so much depression
followed by agression, Nothin but hate
Was a hard lesson, that i must vacate

I just want to say thank you for all the things you helped me through
Through all the stress, depression and all of the other stuff I’ve been through
To say ‘Lonnie keep your head up’ and holding it for me
And not letting go and pushing me ‘cause y’all was there for me

It all started when I got kicked out of my first apartment
now I homeless and I have to sit down
and think about it,
falling down a hill that already started.
Now I’m scared because I have nothing to eat,
my body weight is starting to decrease
and that don’t even fit me.


Written by Arlene

They said I was born to fail…
They said I would be mentally retarded
and that my life was over before it had even started.
They said that I would eventually end up in some type of institution
that would have to give me ‘round the clock care
with someone to wipe the drool off my chin as I absently sat there.
They said a lot of things,
and although the stigmas have always remained,
the only thing that in truth reigned was the fact that I was born addicted to cocaine.
Their words filled the pool in which all hope had drowned.
I learned how to swim, and I broke that barrier down.


Written by Coco

My life
My fear
My pain
My tears
My friends come
When rough times come around
They always do appear