I just want to say thank you for all the things you helped me through
Through all the stress, depression and all of the other stuff I’ve been through
To say ‘Lonnie keep your head up’ and holding it for me
And not letting go and pushing me ‘cause y’all was there for me

Let me sit and think for a minute
Daybreak was there for me when I was 16 years old
I was a homeless little boy and they brought me in from the cold
I was in the shelter and I stayed to myself in a deep dark hole

From the first day I walked in that place they had me in defense mode
I was ready to go home but home wasn’t the place for me
So I crawled out of my dark hole and they started talking to me
Asking me what I wanted to be in life but I had nothing to be

I was a boy with a bad past and my future was hard to see
I tried my best to stay there but I was just ready to leave
I had $5.00 in my pocket but that wasn’t enough to succeed
Buy me something to eat and I’ll be done, I’ll be left to the streets

So I stayed and tried to find out what could benefit me
They had an Independent Living program and that was something I liked
They helped me pay for everything the first few months, all your utilities and lights
I had no if’s, ands, buts, maybes, probablys, or mights
I jumped head first into the program and it changed my life

It came time when I paid rent and I was paying a price
I was living good, I can admit it, I was doing real nice
Then I lost my job and I didn’t want to tell them about that
So for five days I was riding around putting in 100s of apps

Sitting there waiting patiently by the phone but nobody called back
I got so scared to tell them I had an asthma attack
But it wasn’t so bad, because when I told them at last
They said “leave it behind, life goes on that job is gone, leave that in the past”

So they put me on the internet and I started working so fast”
Putting my resume out and they started calling at last
Four years later, I’m a man now and doing it right
High School Diploma, four trades and none of my money is tight

Maybe this rap thing is me, I’ve been doing it since I was a kid
But for right now, I’m saying “Thank You, let’s help some more kids.”

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