Shalonda, a resident in our housing program, lives in a cozy apartment, works full-time at a daycare center, and enjoys playing cello in her spare time.

If not for the generosity of our donors, Shalonda could’ve ended up living on the streets. Instead she has a home and is optomistic about her future.

You can bet Shalonda wasn’t feeling too positive the day she was kicked out of the house. She was a high school senior at Stivers School for the Arts.

Fortunately, she found her way to Daybreak’s emergency youth shelter and immediately applied for our housing program.

Since then, Shalonda’s worked diligently to improve her circumstances. She kept up her studies and graduated from Stivers on schedule. After living only a few months in one of our on-site apartments, she was ready to take the next step.

Shalonda assumed more indepenence and moved to one of our leased apartments in the community. Currently paying  a portion of her rent and utilities, she hopes to take over the lease and pay all her expenses herself within a year.

Shalonda’s still not sure of her long-term career goas. She thinks she might want to go to culinary school someday. For now, she’s enjoying working with children and realizes how fortunate she is to have a full-time job.

Shalonda can’t know exactly what the future will bring but has gained the skills and confidence she’ll need to succeed in life.

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