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Daybreak is My Friend


It all started when I got kicked out of my first apartment now I homeless and I have to sit down and think about it, falling down a hill that already started. Now I’m scared because I have nothing to eat, my body weight is starting to decrease and that don’t even fit me. Now I walkin’ around lookin’ at the shoes on my feet… I still got one resource, I can still turn to the streets… but that ain’t me. I rather take a chance and go on with my life. Yo, but when I got to Daybreak, things [...]

Daybreak is My Friend2020-02-10T06:25:58-05:00

Thank You Daybreak


I just want to say thank you for all the things you helped me through Through all the stress, depression and all of the other stuff I’ve been through To say ‘Lonnie keep your head up’ and holding it for me And not letting go and pushing me ‘cause y’all was there for me Let me sit and think for a minute Daybreak was there for me when I was 16 years old I was a homeless little boy and they brought me in from the cold I was in the shelter and I stayed to myself in a deep [...]

Thank You Daybreak2020-02-10T06:25:58-05:00



Am I deranged, in my mind i'm stuck lookin 4 change, & not the kind in a cup not the kind in a fountain, & I have no fear it's like i'm climbing this mountain, & have no gear it's like i'm back at church, with all these confessions & man it really hurts, so much depression followed by agression, Nothin but hate Was a hard lesson, that i must vacate So many Troubles, most i can't name & the stress only doubles, blook burst in her brain things will never be the same, something i must accept Still lookin [...]


Daybreak Changed My Life


There is an old saying that goes: “What doesn’t kill you, will only make you stronger…” So just call me Hercules. In my 19 years of life’s experiences, I have endured more obstacles than the average person has in an entire lifetime. My life first took a drastic change at the age of 9, when I entered the foster care system. I remember my initial reaction as being one of relief and nervousness. I was relieved because foster care was an opportunity for me to escape a childhood where I didn’t know what drama to expect from day to day. [...]

Daybreak Changed My Life2020-02-10T06:25:59-05:00

Walter, Dana, Nick: three reasons to watch Daybreak’s heartwarming video


See for yourself the impact your generosity has on our youth We know your time is precious. Even so, we we hope you're able to spare eight minutes to watch our video. When you watch, you'll get a glimpse of how your generosity helps our kids. You'll know without a doubt that your donations are put to good work. Walter says his whole life was changed. "I never knew what love really was because I never had it," he tells us. At Daybreak, Walter found out what love feels like. Dana talks about the encouraging people at Daybreak. People who [...]

Walter, Dana, Nick: three reasons to watch Daybreak’s heartwarming video2020-09-03T14:03:35-04:00

Dayton Daily News Articles by Mary McCarty


Follow the links below to read Mary McCarty's newspaper articles about Daybreak youth. Daybreak kids learn life skills by baking pet treats Daybreak kids find many paths in independence Most have either run away from home or been ‘thrown away’ by family members. More runaways, homeless seek refuge in teen shelter Daybreak offers assistance to homeless youths adjusting to a life on their own.

Dayton Daily News Articles by Mary McCarty2020-02-10T06:26:20-05:00

Daybreak youth soars to success


Jasmine, 21 years old with sparkling brown eyes and a mile-wide smile, was kind enough to share her Daybreak experience at our Champions for Youth breakfast and luncheon fundraisers in November 2015. Jasmine delivered her remarks with confidence, greatly impressing the almost 500 guests in attendance. In March 2012, shortly before turning 18, Jasmine had to leave home. She stayed with various friends and relatives at first. After graduating from high school that May, she headed to St. Vincent’s shelter for homeless women. While at St. Vincent’s, Jasmine was surprised to learn that that Daybreak could help her. Though she’d [...]

Daybreak youth soars to success2020-09-03T14:06:39-04:00

Daybreak support system vital to youth success


Thanks to generous donor support, Carlisha has overcome homelessness and is a responsible citizen in our community. She recently moved out of Daybreak's housing program and assumed the lease on her apartment. She works at Premier Health and takes classes toward a double major at Sinclair Community College. Finally, on top of supporting herself and going to school, Carlisha's involved in raising her three younger siblings and has them stay with her on weekends.We think you'll agree: Carlisha's a remarkable young woman. But all that didn’t come easy for this bubbly, friendly almost-20-year-old. She generously shared her story with nearly [...]

Daybreak support system vital to youth success2020-09-03T14:09:03-04:00

National Transitional Jobs Network Highlights Daybreak in a Blog Post


Learn to think smart. On July 11, 2014 the National Transitional Jobs Network (NTJN) highlighted Daybreak in its blog, recognizing that Daybreak's been leading the way in the fight to end youth homelessness for over forty years. You can read the blog entry, titled "Holistic Services: A Recipe for Success in Helping Homeless Youth Get + Keep Jobs," here.

National Transitional Jobs Network Highlights Daybreak in a Blog Post2020-02-10T06:26:20-05:00

Daybreak youth lands job at local grocery


If you shop at Dorothy Lane Market's Oakwood store, you might spot Megan behind the bakery counter one day. Megan a resident in Daybreak's housing program, has been a DLM associate since the fall of 2013. Soon after Megan came to Daybreak, she started in our employment program in order to learn what it takes to get and keep a job. In our employment classroom, Daybreak staff teach valuable work-related skills such as how to find job opportunities, communicate with others on the job, and remain calm in stressful situations. After completing the required employement classes, Megan started work at [...]

Daybreak youth lands job at local grocery2020-09-03T14:10:28-04:00


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